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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Install New Floors

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Getting new flooring installed in your home is something that requires a lot of planning. You figure out your budget, then carefully look for what suits your taste and lifestyle. Once you have chosen your choice of flooring, you then have to ask yourself when is the right time to get it installed. Here at NewGen Floors & More, we like to recommend getting new floors installed during summer, and in this article we’ll tell you exactly why. 

Let’s start by looking at why the other three seasons of the year aren’t as ideal. Installing new flooring in winter is a complete No-No. Winter increases dryness and the little moisture that is present indoors diminishes considerably if you use a furnace, a boiler, or a heat pump to warm your home. Lack of moisture can cause damage to new flooring, especially if it is not correctly acclimated before installation. The dry winter weather causes excess moisture on the flooring to evaporate, leaving any wood-based flooring drier and prone to cracking. This can also lead to future maintenance issues. 

While spring may be a season for fresh starts, it’s not the best season for a fresh start with your flooring. Spring rains can drastically increase outdoor and indoor humidity that can be detrimental for hardwood and similar flooring types. It can also make it tougher for installers to use the adhesives and chemicals required. Adhesives take a lot more time to dry in humidity, which has the domino effect of increasing the time required to install your new flooring. 

With warm temperatures and no drastic weather changes, summer is the best month to get your flooring installed. The long daylight timings allow for better working conditions and promote faster drying of adhesives, which makes the installation process quicker. You might also be able to cash in on some incredible flooring deals since this is the season when new products are sometimes introduced.

If you’re thinking about getting new flooring this summer, give NewGen Floors & More a call. Whether for one room or the entire house, we have a flooring option that’s sure to suit your style and budget. Call us today for a consultation at (980) 207-4868.

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