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What Is Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) And How Is It Made?


Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) has quickly grown as a popular flooring choice for homeowners. It provides a more affordable alternative to traditional hardwood floors without sacrificing on quality or durability. Not only does it provide a stylish and sophisticated appearance, it also has numerous other benefits such as being water-resistant, temperature-resistant, durable and easy to install. LVP initially rose to popularity because of its ability to mimic hardwood, but has since evolved to include products that look like ceramic and porcelain tiles, or even natural stones like marble or granite. 

So How Is LVP Really Made?

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is flooring that generally comes in long, narrow strips, in contrast to the square tile shapes that are usually available for other types of flooring. Structurally, though, LVP is completely different from any other product in the market. It is a multi-ply material that comprises four different layers:  

  • The first or topmost layer is made of aluminum oxide. This is put in place to prevent light scratching and scuffs.
  • The second layer is a kind of clear film that protects against more severe wear and tear and staining. This layer helps maintain the plank's look and prevents it from fading over time.
  • The third layer is a design layer of a high-resolution digital image that provides a realistic look of wood or stone.
  • The fourth and final layer is made of strong yet flexible vinyl. This is the backing layer and comprises about 90 percent of the plank. This layer is waterproof and prevents moisture from seeping into the plank and causing mold and mildew.

In contrast to traditional sheet vinyl, LVP is about five times thicker yet it is still quite flexible and durable. It’s this durability that makes it such a wise choice for residential flooring, especially in homes where there are kids or pets. There are dozens of styles and designs available to suit the needs of the buyer. It’s also easy to install because the planks snap together and don’t require the use of nails to be secured. 

LVP flooring is perfect for anyone on a budget! It's easy to maintain, simple to install, and looks great. Want to learn more? Call our experts at NewGen Floors & More at (980) 207-4868 – we'll give you everything you need to make the right LVP flooring decision!

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