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Tips For Protecting Different Flooring Types From Furniture

With a plethora of flooring types in existence, it is important to know how to keep them safe from furniture. This will not only help keep your floors looking fresh but also prevents them from being scratched and damaged, increasing the flooring’s durability in the long run.

Use Furniture Pads/Glides
Furniture pads/glides are protective materials that can be added, pasted or placed on the legs/under furniture to protect the flooring from being damaged, scratched or dented. There are various options available for furniture pads/glides that you can add on to the feet of furniture to prevent them from damaging your floors. Felt, rubber, cork, plastic and metal are the most common materials used to make chair glides and furniture pads. Each flooring has a unique add-on glide or pad that keeps it safe from getting damaged by the furniture placed/moving around on it. Here are some of them:

Carpet: Using hard materials like steel or plastic is best.
Soft floors (vinyl, rubber): Plastic, felt and rubber work best.
Hard floors (wood, ceramic tile): Rubber and felt work best for these kinds of flooring. 

Tip: It is best to use thicker felt, especially in the case of heavy furniture. Be sure to watch out for scuff marks. 

Area Rugs
Area rugs are a great, affordable way to protect your flooring. There are so many designs and patterns to choose from that you will surely find something that suits your tastes. Not only can you place them under coffee tables, chairs, drawers and beds, but they also lend a whole new character to your room. It is advisable to avoid rubber-backed rugs on wood floors. Although rubber is great for stopping rugs and furniture from sliding, rubber is known for discoloring and marking floors.

Be Smart When Moving Furniture
While moving furniture, one should keep in mind that dragging, pushing, dropping or hauling heavy furniture may cause irreparable damage to your precious flooring. Always make sure you have flooring safety procedures in place while moving furniture around like heavy blankets to cover furniture and slides so that you easily glide the furniture over the floor without damaging or scratching it. Furniture slides and pads are available in many shapes and sizes and can be bought online, but you can also use everyday items like blankets, towels, bedspreads and carpet remnants to create pads and glides for lighter furniture items.

Protecting your flooring from damage is an important task, and you should always be mindful that the more you care for your flooring, the longer it will last. 
For more tips on flooring care and maintenance, call NewGen Floors & More at (980) 207-4868. 

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