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Hardwood Vs Tile For Kitchen Floors


The kitchen is one of those rooms that sees a large amount of traffic and wear and tear. If it’s time for you to replace your floors, you may be wondering which of the flooring options on the market today is best. Hardwood and tile are two of the most-common choices. To help you figure out which is best for you, let’s weigh the pros and cons.

Pros of Hardwood:

  • Elegant – This is one flooring option that just never goes out of style. 
  • Excellent long-term investment – Hardwood can last decades if properly cared for. Compared to other flooring types, wood floors provide one of the highest returns on investment—typically 70%. 
  • Softer, more comfortable surface to stand on – If you tend to stand a lot in the kitchen, hardwood provides a softer and warmer surface than tile. Wood floors put less stress on your back.  
  • Wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from – Hardwood is available in a wide range of styles, colors, stains, plank sizes and surfaces.
  • Easy to clean – Hardwood doesn’t accumulate a lot of dirt, dust or debris. A routine of sweeping/vacuuming followed by mopping will usually do the trick. 
  • Can make your space look bigger – If you have hardwood in your adjoining rooms, your space can flow better and look bigger. 

Pros of Tile:

  • Water-resistant – Kitchens are prone to spills. Tile makes clean-up easy.
  • Endless customization options – You can choose between ceramic, vinyl or wood-look tiles. You can also mix and match sizes, colors, patterns and textures, to create a unique design.
  • Affordable – Tile is a great, durable option for those who don’t want to stretch the budget with hardwood floors. 
  • Tile won’t scratch – Homes with kids and pets can avoid scratches, stains and dents with tile floors.
  • Easy to replace – If damage were to occur to one or a few of your tiles, it’s pretty easy to rip them up and replace them without disturbing the rest of the floor. 

Cons of Tile:

  • Tile can crack and will need to be replaced if that happens. 
  • The grout between tiles is very porous. It can get dirty easily and be hard to clean.
  • Tile can be cold and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time, especially if you don’t have floor heating. It can also become slippery when wet, making it a fall hazard. 

Cons of Hardwood:

  • Hardwoods are not waterproof so you have to clean up spills immediately. This also means if you have a leak or an appliance malfunction, you might find yourself having to rip up and redo your floors. 
  • Your floors will need to be refinished every 10 years or so. This is to ensure the protective, top layer doesn’t become too worn and lead to deep scratches, dents or stains.
  • If your kitchen has a lot of windows and is in a sunny area, sun bleaching can occur.
  • Maintenance and replacement aren’t cheap. Additionally, when your floors need to be refinished, you’ll experience some strong fumes and you won’t be able to walk on them for a few days. 

Choosing the right flooring is a big decision. At the end of the day, there are many things to consider: your lifestyle, your budget, your style, etc. The experts at NewGen Floors & More can help you make your decision. Contact us to learn more about our hardwood and tile flooring options. 

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