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Debunking Some Common Myths About Carpet Flooring


Like much other flooring, there are a lot of common myths about carpets that keep floating about. Through this article, we would like to debunk some of those and highlight why carpets are and have been a great flooring choice for many decades.


Myth: Carpets activate allergies
Truth: As long as you are regularly vacuuming your carpets (at least once a week), and getting them deep-cleaned annually by professionals like NewGen Floors & More, your carpets shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Myth: Carpet is ‘old-school’ and boring
Truth: While carpets have been around for decades, the carpets of today are far from their original counterparts. Modern carpets come in a huge range of styles, colors, patterns and designs and there are some that can be custom-styled too. 

Myth: Carpets are hard to clean
Truth: As stated earlier, regular vacuuming and a yearly deep-clean program (biannual for commercial establishments) will keep your carpets from accumulating dirt and taking on a worn-out, dirty look.

Myth: Carpets aren't environmentally friendly
Truth: Thanks to modern advancements, carpets are now quite environmentally friendly. Old synthetic carpets are regularly recycled and used in new synthetic carpets, reducing wastage. The use of wool and other natural materials has also made carpets an endearing environmentally friendly choice.


Now that some myths have been debunked, let's highlight some benefits:

  • Comfort and shock absorption: No other flooring can provide this.
  • Warmth: Thicker carpets provide great insulation and sound absorption, providing a noise-free environment and also saving you money on energy bills during the winter months. 
  • Safety: For kids and the elderly, this is the safest flooring there is to play on and makes falling less dangerous.
  • Budget: Due to the huge range of carpets available in terms of size, material and styling, carpets can suit almost every pocket, especially for people on a budget.


To maintain the integrity of your carpet, proper care is necessary.  This prolongs the lifespan and maintains the durability of your investment. Our showroom has a wide selection of carpets from multiple manufacturers for you to choose from. Whether you want something practical for the family, the height of elegance or your budget, our experts can help you find the carpet that's right for you. Visit our showroom or call us.

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