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Although highly durable, your Laminate flooring may develop unsightly scratches, cracks or damage over time. Since Laminates are only water-resistant from the top-down, any prolonged water pooling or exposure to flooding can cause damage that requires professional repair. 

NewGen Floors & More’s Laminate technicians are IICRC-trained and certified. Contact us when your flooring needs repair.


Our Process


Due to the nature of its construction, Laminate flooring planks cannot be repaired, Replacing the damaged planks is the only course of action. With 40+ years of experience, our experts know how to repair Laminate flooring issues. Using eco-friendly products and industry-leading equipment, our technicians start by assessing the nature of the damage and work out the most cost-effective solution for you.

NewGen recommends that you always try to save extra planks during your initial flooring installation for any future flooring issues. 

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Take a look at some of our recent residential and commercial projects. When we complete a flooring job, we make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied. You can judge the results for yourself!

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