What we do


At NewGen Floors & More, we always caution against using Internet DIY hacks to clean your Carpets. You can ruin them beyond repair. Always call in professionals to get your carpets deep cleaned properly. With more than 40 years of experience, our professional technicians leave your carpet feeling fresh and truly clean. We know how to remove specific types of staining, such as wine or coffee, as well as particulates, allergens, dust and dander that accumulate deep within the fibers of your carpet.

It is important to note that if a stain does occur on your carpet fibers, it is highly recommended that our experienced professionals be called to remove the stain. Learn more.


Our Process


Using the proper cleaning solutions to remove stains and dirt from Carpets is essential. At NewGen Floors & More, we follow a 4-step cleaning process to deliver deeply cleaned Carpets that are free from dust, soil and allergens: 

  • Heat
  • Time
  • Cleaning Agent (eco-friendly)
  • Agitation

After agitating the cleaning agent into your Carpet, we give it time to seep in, so it can go deep into the fibers and loosen up all the dust and particulates. Using Hot Water Extraction (the water is at 210F), we flush out the solution, giving you a spotless, stain-free and fresh-looking Carpet. 

 We recommend an annual cleaning schedule for carpets for all of our residential customers. Contact us for an estimate.


Recent Projects

Take a look at some of our recent residential and commercial projects. When we complete a flooring job, we make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied. You can judge the results for yourself!

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